About us

Fast-tracking health R&D, innovation, and access

Our Vision

Saving Lives Through Health Research, Development, and Innovation

Our Mission

To catalyze action on health R&D through coordinated advocacy efforts to facilitate access to safe and efficacious health products technologies and innovations to communities in Africa

The Coalition for Health Research and Development (CHReaD) brings together civil society organizations, research institutions, academia, and the private sector to advocate for an enabling policy environment that promotes research, innovation, and access to high-impact products and technologies in Kenya.

CHReaD is a dynamic coalition that plays a pivotal role in uniting the efforts of both local and international non-governmental organizations, as well as research institutions. Our primary mission revolves around raising awareness regarding the critical significance of increased investments and the establishment of robust regulatory frameworks to support Health Research Development and Innovation (HRD&I). These collective endeavors are geared towards the ultimate objective of achieving Universal Health Coverage not only in Kenya but also in other East African countries.

We recognize that the foundation of a resilient healthcare system lies in the strength of its regulatory systems, particularly concerning medicines and various health technologies. Hence, CHReaD is deeply committed to advocating for the harmonization of regulatory policies within the unique context of East Africa. This advocacy extends to strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of regulatory systems, which is in alignment with the commitments made by African Union (AU) member states. These commitments aim to enhance Africa’s capacity for the development and approval of medical products, ultimately ensuring improved access to a wide array of safe, effective, and affordable medicines, vaccines, devices, and diagnostic tools.

Strategic Focus Areas

Countries with sufficient financial resources and capacity to develop health products and technologies

Countries with equitable access to quality, efficacious, and affordable Health Products and Technologies.

Countries with strengthened and  harmonized regulatory systems and policies for the manufacture, approval and introduction of quality HPTs

Our Structure

To manage the coalition, a functional Secretariat has been put in place by Amref Health Africa to run the day-to-day CHReaD activities.


To join CHReaD, an institution must be registered, a legal entity that is interested in health R&D. 

  • Membership is institutional, not individual. 
  • Membership is open to both Kenyan and non-Kenyan institutions. 
  • Coalition membership is voluntary. 
  • The steering committee vets interested organizations based on selection criteria developed by the Coalition. 

Our Partners