The Coalition for Health Research and Development (CHReaD) brings together civil society organizations, research institutions, academia, and the private sector to advocate for an enabling policy environment that promotes research, innovation, and access to high-impact products and technologies in Kenya.

Focus Areas

Funding and Investments in Health R&D

Countries with sufficient financial resources and capacity to develop health products and technologies

Equitable Access to Quality and Efficacious HPTs

Countries with equitable access to quality, efficacious, and affordable Health Products and Technologies.

Policy and Regulatory Harmonization

Countries with strengthened and harmonized regulatory systems and policies for the manufacture, approval and introduction of quality HPTs

Why CHReaD Matters

Goals and Objective

Advancing Health RD&I Through Advocacy

Advocating for Increased Budget Allocation to Health RD&I

One of the core missions of CHReaD is to champion the cause of increased budget allocation to Health Research Development and Innovation (HRD&I) by the national government. We firmly believe that meeting current funding commitments and ensuring the availability of resources for local innovators are paramount for the growth of Kenya’s R&D sector. It is through such commitments that we can ensure that RD&I priorities are locally generated and tailored to our unique needs.

Specifically, at CHReaD, we are advocating for a significant milestone – a 2% allocation of gross domestic product (GDP) to be directed towards R&D. This commitment has its roots in the Science, Technology, and Innovation Act of 2013. By advocating for this allocation, we are fostering an environment where innovation can flourish, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in healthcare.

Advocating for an Efficient and Robust Policy and Regulatory Framework for Health RD&I with Appropriate Accountability Mechanisms

The regulatory landscape plays a pivotal role in determining whether high-quality vaccines, devices, diagnostics, and drugs are accessible to those who need them most. In this regard, CHReaD is a staunch advocate for the establishment of an efficient and robust policy and regulatory framework for health RD&I, accompanied by appropriate accountability mechanisms.

 Kenya’s involvement in the East African Community (EAC) Medicines Regulatory Authority (MRH) initiative, aimed at promoting regional harmonization of medicines registration, is a step in the right direction. This initiative should be prioritized as a model for sharing best practices and fast-tracking the registration of medicines for priority diseases.

 At CHReaD, we firmly believe that efficient coordination, oversight, and execution of medicines regulatory functions are paramount. The government of Kenya has shown its commitment to this cause by developing a robust regulatory framework. However, challenges persist, including bottlenecks in the regulation of health technologies and research clearance, as well as duplication of roles among government bodies. We advocate for streamlined, efficient processes to ensure that innovations reach those in need without unnecessary delays or confusion.

Supporting Capacity Strengthening for Policymakers, Researchers, and Institutions in Health RD&I

 A critical aspect of promoting evidence-based decision-making in health RD&I is building the capacity of policymakers, researchers, and institutions to effectively use available knowledge in their decision-making processes. CHReaD recognizes the importance of this step in accelerating the discovery and invention of new health technologies.

Our coalition actively supports efforts to enhance collaboration between researchers and incentivize health R&D activities. By strengthening the capabilities of those at the forefront of healthcare innovation, we aim to drive progress in the field and improve health outcomes for all citizens.

Tracking Policy Implementation and Ensuring Accountability

CHReaD does not stop at advocating for policy change; we are committed to seeing these changes through. We believe in tracking the implementation of policies and holding decision-makers accountable for their commitments to health RD&I policy and funding. This accountability ensures that the promises made translate into tangible actions and meaningful progress in Kenya’s healthcare landscape.

In summary, CHReaD is not just an advocate for change; we are a driving force behind the transformation of Kenya’s health RD&I sector. Through our unwavering advocacy efforts, we are creating an environment where innovation thrives, where regulatory systems are efficient and transparent, where knowledge is power, and where promises are kept. Our mission is to shape the future of healthcare in Kenya, and we are dedicated to making that future healthier, brighter, and more equitable for all.

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