Our Members

To join CHReaD, an institution must be registered, a legal entity that is interested in health R&D.

  • Membership is institutional, not individual.
  • Membership is open to both Kenyan and non-Kenyan institutions.
  • Coalition membership is voluntary.
  • The steering committee vets interested organizations based on selection criteria developed by the Coalition.

Benefits of the R&D CoalitionĀ 

  1. A Unified Advocacy Platform: CHReaD serves as a powerful advocacy platform, granting members access to essential resources, tools, and key events related to health R&D. It is a one-stop shop for all things R&D advocacy.
  2. Pooling of Expertise and Resources: In the complex world of health R&D, no single organization can do it all. CHReaD allows members to pool their technical know-how and resources. This collective strength is far more impactful than any one organization working alone.
  3. Amplified Messages and Goals: By uniting under the CHReaD banner, member organizations can amplify their shared messages and objectives. This coalition creates visibility, pushing health R&D into the political spotlight.
  4. Access to Critical Information: CHReaD provides a gateway to a wealth of information and intelligence on health R&D. Members can stay informed about the latest developments and use emerging evidence to advocate for new policies and increased investments.
  5. Collaboration Opportunities: Collaboration is at the heart of CHReaD. It’s a space where like-minded organizations come together, fostering relationships and partnerships that strengthen the collective effort to advance health R&D. In essence, CHReaD is more than just a coalition, it is a catalyst for positive change in the realm of Health Research and Development.