Our History

The CHReaD Journey

CHReaD has its roots in organizations that have a long history of championing better health technologies, programs, and services. These organizations have worked tirelessly on critical health issues like HIV, tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases, and maternal, newborn, and child health. But they realized that they could achieve even more by coming together.

The Birth of CHReaD

The Coalition for Health Research and Development was created to unite these organizations. It was envisioned as a powerful way to emphasize the importance of Health Research and Development (R&D) in making life-saving technologies available to everyone.

From PATH to Amref Health Africa

At first, PATH hosted the coalition. But in 2020, CHReaD went through a significant transition. Talks began in 2018 about moving the coalition to a local partner organization in Kenya. While everyone saw this as a great opportunity, there was also a recognition that CHReaD needed a stronger structure.

In 2019, a transition committee was formed to guide the process. They developed plans and criteria, evaluated options, and ultimately chose Amref Health Africa as the new host.

Local and Regional Impact

CHReaD has made big waves both nationally and regionally. It played a crucial role in shaping policies like Kenya’s Research for Health Strategy and Policy Framework. It also worked with the Kenya National Research Fund to boost funding for Global Health R&D. Additionally, CHReaD advocated for a streamlined national regulatory system, including the proposed Kenya Food and Drug Authority.

On the regional front, CHReaD has been instrumental in advancing regulatory harmonization within the East African Community. It’s rallied support from civil society groups, Product Development Partnerships, the private sector, and influential advocates.

While COVID-19 highlighted the need for Kenya to invest in health innovation and surveillance, the post-pandemic economic challenges may impact Kenya’s goal of investing 2% of its GDP into R&D. Nonetheless, the pandemic underscored the importance of using funding, both local and international, efficiently for Global Health R&D.

CHReaD is laser-focused on strengthening regulatory systems at both national and regional levels. It’s also keen on creating efficient access platforms, especially in a post-COVID world.

Most importantly, CHReaD aims to build a coalition of local partners who excel at addressing community myths and misconceptions about health science. These partners understand the importance of integrating human rights, gender equity, and local context into their work.

In a nutshell, CHReaD is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone, working hand in hand with local and international partners to build a healthier future.

Benefits of the R&D CoalitionĀ 

  1. A Unified Advocacy Platform: CHReaD serves as a powerful advocacy platform, granting members access to essential resources, tools, and key events related to health R&D. It is a one-stop shop for all things R&D advocacy.
  2. Pooling of Expertise and Resources: In the complex world of health R&D, no single organization can do it all. CHReaD allows members to pool their technical know-how and resources. This collective strength is far more impactful than any one organization working alone.
  3. Amplified Messages and Goals: By uniting under the CHReaD banner, member organizations can amplify their shared messages and objectives. This coalition creates visibility, pushing health R&D into the political spotlight.
  4. Access to Critical Information: CHReaD provides a gateway to a wealth of information and intelligence on health R&D. Members can stay informed about the latest developments and use emerging evidence to advocate for new policies and increased investments.
  5. Collaboration Opportunities: Collaboration is at the heart of CHReaD. It’s a space where like-minded organizations come together, fostering relationships and partnerships that strengthen the collective effort to advance health R&D. In essence, CHReaD is more than just a coalition, it is a catalyst for positive change in the realm of Health Research and Development.

Our Partners