Our Structure

To manage the coalition, a functional Secretariat has been put in place by Amref Health Africa to run the day-to-day CHReaD activities.

Benefits of the R&D Coalition 

  • CHReaD creates a unique advocacy platform that facilitates access to resources and tools and links members to key events and information related to health R&D. 
  • The Coalition provides shared access to expertise and resources related to health R&D issues, where the technical or personnel resources of any one organization would be insufficient. 
  • The Coalition elevates the common messages and goals of each member organization and creates a visibility platform for members to bring health R&D to the political forefront. 
  • The Coalition enables members to access information and intelligence about health R&D and use emerging evidence in advocating for new or amended policies and investments. 
  • The Coalition offers an opportunity for members to collaborate and build relationships with other like-minded organizations.